YOLO star Drogba battles illness
YOLO star Drogba battles illness

John Bredu Peasah Drogba, better known as Blah Charles from the hit television show “Yolo,” suffers from a serious illness known as demyelination.

Demyelination can be defined as a process in which the pathological events that lead to the destruction of myelin are directed primarily at myelin sheaths or at cells that form and maintain myelin, whereas axons are relatively spared.

News of his illness broke out on social media based on a post made on 8th March 2024 by a fellow actor, who shared a flyer calling for financial assistance for the actors medical treatment.

According to the post Drogba has had the illness for the past two years.

Jeffrey Nortey made one more plea to the public, pleading for financial assistance for Drogba.

The Ghanaian TV series “Things We Do for Love,” which aired in the early 2000s, was followed up with “Yolo,” which stands for “You Only Live Once.”

It centers on a group of young adults and the challenges they encounter as they develop.

Tweet from jeffrey Nortey
Tweet from jeffrey Nortey


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