University for Development Studies
University for Development Studies

University for Development Studies

The University for Development Studies was established in 1992 as a multi-campus institution to serve the four northern regions of Ghana (Brong-Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions) in which rural poverty and environmental degradation are generally prevalent. The University is expected to blaze a new trail in higher education by effectively combining academic work with practical hands-on training and experience and work among the communities encompassing its sphere of influence in particular and rural areas in the country, generally.

The objective is not only to train students to live and work in rural communities, but also to equip them with the relevant skills and expertise to prepare them for self-employment. The Third Trimester Field Practical Training Program is a distinguishing feature of the University. Eight weeks of the third trimester are devoted to a practical work and extension among the local communities. During this period, the students live in the local communities, conduct research and interact with the populace. At the end of the program a forum is held and the students present their findings and recommendations to the communities. Traditional rulers, MPs, District Assembly Members, opinion leaders and the general public are invited to the forums and participate in the discussions. The students present individual and group reports, which are graded as part of the requirements for graduation.

The University currently focuses mainly on studies in

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • Applied Sciences
  • Integrated Development Studies and
  • Inter-disciplinary Research

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is expected to adopt the problem-based student-centered and community-oriented approach to medical education. Besides the training of medical doctors the SMHS is expected to produce Allied Health Personnel in the fields of Radiology, Laboratory Technology, and physiotherapy etc. to meet the needs of the country’s Health Delivery Sector.


University for Development Studies

P O Box 1350

Tamale, Ghana.

Tel. +233 71 22078
Fax: +233 71 22080



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