Apostle Charles Reigns hosts, Fragrance of Heaven
Apostle Charles Reigns hosts, Fragrance of Heaven

Apostle Charles Reigns is one of the exceptional and passionate gospel music minister from Kogi State, Nigeria.

He is renowned for his atypical talent and spiritual gifts. His ministry is marked by a powerful anointing that manifests through his music, setting the world ablaze with the fire of revival.

Charles gained prominence in 2021 when he was nominated for and won the App Worship Award Global, standing alongside other notable Nigerian gospel artists.

Following this achievement, he was appointed as an Ambassador for the App Worship Award Global and later joined its executive team.

Currently, Charles serves as the president of Sublime Revival Music (SRM).

His music albums have touched countless lives worldwide, with many sharing testimonies of their impact.

On July 27, 2024, Charles will be filming a groundbreaking music video titled “FRAGRANCE OF HEAVEN” at Tigris Studio in Jabbi, Abuja, Nigeria, alongside other esteemed ministers of God. This event is part of the annual “Fragrance of Heaven” worship program, which aims to:

▪Spread the message of Christ
▪Share the good news
▪Promote the spirit of hope
▪Provide an outlet for worship

The program is designed to inspire faith and hope through the power of praise and worship, transforming the atmosphere and allowing people to express their hearts to God through song.



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