rape crime
rape crime
In the Ellembelle District of the Western Region, a 54-year-old fisherman from Eikwe-Krisan is currently evading authorities following accusations of defiling and impregnating a 14-year-old girl within the vicinity.

The authorities in the area have initiated a search for the individual identified as Ndede Kojo, who is a resident of Axim in the Nzema East Municipality.

Based on the gathered information, the parents of the girl residing in Eikwe district confronted the fisherman subsequent to the incident. The fisherman, upon being confronted, acknowledged his wrongdoing before hastily fleeing the scene.

It has been reported that the fisherman resided in the residence alongside the victim and her parents. During the parents’ absence for a funeral, the perpetrator devised a sinister scheme to engage in sexual activity with the young girl.

The fisherman allegedly enticed the teenager into his quarters and committed sexual abuse against her.

According to DAILY GUIDE, the pregnancy was discovered by the headmistress of the victim’s school, who then proceeded to inform the parents.

Kwaku Annor, who is the father of the victim, who affirmed the story said, “We gave the fisherman a room in our house to enable him work since he is from a different community.”

“We travelled for a funeral and left our child in the care of a sibling and he decided to take advantage of the situation. Our daughter also could not tell us about the incident until her school’s headmistress later came to inform us about the pregnancy,” he confirmed.

An official complaint has been lodged with the police by him, through which they have subsequently initiated a manhunt for the suspect.

The victim, who had been pregnant for five months according to Jonas Kabutey, the Ellembelle District Social Welfare Officer, went unnoticed by her parents due to her small stature.

He further went on to say the suspect warned the victim not to disclose the sexual abuse to anyone, which is why she was unable to inform her parents.

Following the incident, the victim’s mental condition has been disclosed, leading to her academic performance being compromised.

Furthermore, he revealed that he is planning together with his organization to move the victim out of town to avoid being stigmatized by the people in community.

He, thus, implored parents in the vicinity to refrain from resolving such matters within their households, whenever they arise, adding “They should rather report them to the personnel of the law enforcement agency.”


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