Al Thumama Stadium - Qatar
Al Thumama Stadium – Qatar

Al Thumama Stadium’s dynamic and imaginative shape celebrates local culture and traditions just as much as it does a new era for stadium design.

This particular venue also has a significance that is close to the hearts of locals and resonates across the region.

The emotive design tugs at the heartstrings of Qataris and people across the region.
Its bold, circular form reflects the gahfiya – the traditional woven cap adorned by men and boys all across the Arab world.

An integral part of family life and central to traditions, the gahfiya symbolises the coming of age for youth. A time of emerging self-confidence and ambition that marks the first steps into the future and a realisation of dreams, it is a fitting inspiration for this one-of-a-kind stadium.

Fans’ first glimpse of Al Thumama may come from above, as many international flights descend over the venue.

Its brilliant white exterior stands out amid its lush green surroundings – areas for play and relaxation. Al Thumama Stadium brings a vision beyond its inspiration and purpose – marking a coming of age for the beautiful game.

Capacity: 40,000
Location: Al Thumama Stadium, 12km south of central Doha


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