footage of burnt stalls
footage of burnt stalls

The Race Course Market in Kumasi experienced goes up in flames, causing the destroying more than 400 shops and goods worth millions of cedis.

Evidently, the fire which started early Monday morning, has caused chaos and the impacted merchants are tallying up their losses.

Many food-filled stalls and warehouses were devoured by the fire.

Additionally the fire kept burning despite the brave work of firefighters and emergency responders.

Footage of  burnt food items and other materials
Footage of burnt food items and other materials

Several impacted traders, who talked to Adom News, expressed their struggle with the loss of their source of income and way of living.

The full extent of the damage is still unknown, but early reports from the firefighters indicate that the financial impact is significant.

The fire officials advised people living and working in the vicinity to be careful and follow appropriate fire safety protocols.

In the meantime, authorities are currently conducting investigations to determine the source of the fire.

The traders who have been affected are seeking assistance from the government to aid in their recovery.


Burnt stalls and food items
Burnt stalls and food items



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