Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium stands proudly in Umm Al Afaei– one of Qatar’s most historic cities and home to the famous Al Rayyan SC.

It is located right on the edge of the desert, the scene of many Qatari tales that live close to the hearts of the locals – a welcoming people who love their football as much as their fascinating past.

The stadium’s design, and that of its surrounding buildings, mirrors aspects of the local culture and traditions.

The intricate façade reflects the undulations of sand dunes while intricate geometric patterns reflect the beauty of the desert, native flora and fauna, as well as local and international trade.

It is the perfect home for Al Rayyan SC when the tournament ends.
More than 80% of the construction material came from the original stadium that previously occupied the site, while existing trees were also carefully retained.

When fans visit, they will be able to travel via an environmentally friendly new Doha Metro system – complementing a truly sustainable venue experience.

The gateway to the desert with a stunning exterior telling the story of Qatar.
Capacity: 40,000
Location: Umm Al Afaei, 20km west of central Doha


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