suspect being dragged to the police station
suspect being dragged to the police station

Yusif Bukari, a 21 year old Pragya rider, reportedly lost his manhood shortly after a handshake with a shoemaker at Kasoa overhead in the Central Region.

The suspect is thought to have done it in order to perform money rituals.

A large crowd gathered at the scene after the incident, and some angry individuals tried to attack the suspect.

He was arrested and transferred to the Kasoa Central District Police Command for more investigations following a physical altercation.

Lately, a few men have claimed that their masculinity vanishes after shaking hands with unfamiliar people in Kasoa.

During an interview with Yaw Boagyan from Kasapa News, a few locals revealed that a 47-year-old Pragya rider suffered the loss of his manhood after encountering a shoe marker last week.


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