John Cena presenting on stage with the award
John Cena presenting on stage with the award

John Cena On Sunday 10th March 2024 presented an Award completely Naked on the Oscars stage.

The actor made a funny entrance on stage during the live broadcast to announce the winner of the best costume design award, seemingly wearing no clothes at all.

Cena surprised everyone by showing up on stage at the most prestigious Hollywood event of the year, wearing hardly any clothes.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the show, introduced the segment by mentioning a funny moment from the 1974 Oscars when a streaker interrupted the ceremony. Kimmel playfully remarked, , “Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today? Wouldn’t that be crazy?”

From the side of the stage, Cena poked his head out and informed Kimmel that he had no desire to “do the streaker bit anymore.”

“It’s an elegant event. Honestly, you should feel ashamed right now for suggesting such a tasteless idea,” Cena complained. “The male body is not a joke!”

Kimmel claimed that Cena, a well-known WWE wrestler, competes without any clothes on, “Dude, I don’t wrestle naked,” Cena said. “I wrestle in jorts!”

“Jorts are worse than naked!” The audience laughed as Kimmel spoke.

Cena walked to the center of the stage holding a large winner’s envelope over his private parts, causing the audience to be shocked.

“Costumes, they are so important. Maybe the most important thing there is,” He mentioned while giving out the prize.

With Kimmel’s help, Cena was covered with a curtain to reveal less skin, and together they revealed Holly Waddington as the winner of the best costume design Oscar for “Poor Things.”

Cena seemed to be without clothes on stage, but a CNN source says differently, “was covered in the groin and butt crack area – and the envelope was velcroed to him.”

Cena’s private parts were safeguarded to avoid any violations of FCC regulations, as per CNN’s understanding.

Perhaps Waddington, who has won an Oscar, can now create a stylish outfit for Cena to wear for the afterparty.


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