Freedom Jacob Caesar, Nana Kwame Bediako
Freedom Jacob Caesar, Nana Kwame Bediako

Freedom Jacob Caesar decision to keep two tigers for im house inside Accra bore Ghanaians.

Residents around im area recently cry out claiming say di tigers don attack two pipo and dem injure, but e no dey confirmed.

Ghana Police say dem receive complaint say tigers dey live for residential facility.

Dis tigers belong to businessman Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar.

“Di animals stink. Dem hold dem inside an apartment wia dem no get access to proper fresh air.

“As soon as di door open, you go smell a strong unpleasant smell wey dey come from dem.”

Na so one of di residents lament to tori pipo for Daily Guide.

Freedom Jacob Caesar admit say im get two tigers for im house inside di capital city.

Im be social media celebrity for Ghana wey dey share a dream of building a united Africa.

“E no make sense to get wild animals, tigers for dat matter, for estate wey dey for di heart of di city.

“Wia e just be less than a meter between di houses and also without any proper training and care [for dem].

‘We ask which institution authorise dem to put up a structure for di animals for one residential area.’

“Dem tell us say dem no owe us any explanation and so dem no go provide any such authorisation to us.

Na wetin di resident add. But di mata don become a public concern.

Residents claim say dem contact Ghana Wildlife Society to complain but di situation no change.

“Even if dem get any such authorisation, e only belong to dem.”

“Anytime we call to find out how far, dem dey toss us.

“Sometimes dem go tell us say di officials don travel and e get plenty back and forth.

“Dem no dey tell us anything and dis na di reason we report di matter to di police.

“If we no hear from Wildlife Society afta some time.” Di resident tok.

Why Freedom Jacob Caesar keep Tigers for house?

Freedom Jacob Caesar tell journalists say im bring di wild animals for tourism purposes.

And e say conversation bin dey go on between im and Ghana Tourism Authority on wia and how to keep dem to boost tourism.

“I wan go into di Safari wild to make sure say Ghana become di first kontri for di whole of West Africa.

“East Africa and central Africa except for South Africa wey don already get dis wild animals.

“Na why I buy di male and di female version of am.”

Freedom Jacob say im get di 7 months old tigers on a bid for Dubai as a private investor.

E add am say no be im intention to endanger di lives of di residents wit di tigers.

“I don consider di danger side and I no dey here to harm pipo.

“And I no dey here to encourage pipo make dem get Tigers to harm pipo.”, e tok.

Oga Jacob say im bring experts from outside to create a safety cage for di animals make dem for no endanger di public.

Im add say e don dey in toks wit di forestry commission .

Police move to protect residents

Ghana Police on Thursday say dem receive complaint say tigers dey live for residential facility.

“We don reach out to di Wildlife Division of di Forestry Commission.

“And efforts don start to relocate di animals to an appropriate facility.”

Ghana police add say dem don deploy special police team to provide ogbonge security for di affected neighbourhood.

Na to ensure safety of residents until dem relocate di animals., di police add.


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