Korra Obidi
Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi is a Nigerian Dancer, Musician, Model, Actress, Songwriter and a Performer, an African princess based in Santa Monica California, USA.

The Belly Dancer Korra Obidi was born on 23rd June 1994 to Nigerian parents with given named “Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi” and raised in Lagos Nigeria.

Korra Obidi name “Chukwufumnanya” means “God loves me“, from Igbo origin.

Dancer Korra Obidi made her debut in Entertainment as a child star in Nollywood, the multilatented singing, dancing princess from the Motherland moved to LA where she appreared on “So you think you can dance” and most recently, ‘Unwinding’ along major hollywood A-Listers.

Education And Parents
Obidi is from the Ogboli clan of Oshimili North in Delta State. She was born into a family of three girls and a boy. Her mother is deceased. Her family attended Deeper Christian Life Ministry and so she hid her passion for dancing from them while growing up.

Personal life And Family
She was married to Dr Justin Dean and they have 2 children together. The couple are currently separated having come to a conclusion to annul their marriage following a public disagreement hinging on infidelity, mismanagement of funds and domestic violence.
She also cited her mental health as one of the reasons she quit her marriage.
Her ex-husband demanded for spousal support after the split.

Korra continues to share her culture through her music.

Korra Obidi is an international Artiste, vastly trained in dances from different parts of the world, from bellydancing in Muscat and Dubai to singing at the Burj Al Arab.

Korra Obidi is Height : 5.9″
Korra Obidi Eyes : Brown
Korra Obidi Hair: Brown

This 26 year old Nigerian Musician, dancer and Hollywood newbie has been impressing critics and with her unique sound and personality.

After appearing on‘So you think you can dance’ 6 months pregnant she went on to release hit single 50/50 with a total of 4 million streaming views on YouTube, facebook and instagram, starring her newborn June Dean.

This Nigerian princess writes and directs the visuals to her own music, drawing inspiration from female ancestral entertainers and her background in Bellydance.

She is a self taught drummer on the Konga and her music draws elements from Afrobeats and Pop.

Korra Obidi said “I don’t care what African ‘aunties and mothers’ say about my wild outfits”

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