sports journalists crashed mini van
sports journalists crashed mini van

On Saturday, March 9, 2024, a minivan carrying sports journalists from Accra to Cape Coast for the 2023 African Games coverage were involved in a car crush.

The incident took place during the afternoon while the team was en route to the Women’s U-20 soccer competition.

According to reports, the collision between the minivan and pickup truck was allegedly caused by a malfunctioning traffic light.

According to reports, all journalists on board remained unharmed, fortunately. Nevertheless, the bumper of the minivan sustained damage.

Following the accident, the journalists encountered an hour-long delay before they were given a replacement vehicle to continue their journey towards the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

The journalists overcame the obstacle and successfully arrived at their destination to report on the game between Ghana’s U-20 women’s team, the Black Princesses, and Ethiopia.

The Black Princesses clinched a 1-0 triumph in their inaugural game of the competition.

The journalists have returned to Accra safely following their attendance at the game in Cape Coast.


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