Bullgod discloses why he worked with Shatta Wale again after he leaked his wife’s nudes
Bullgod discloses why he worked with Shatta Wale again after he leaked his wife’s nudes


For close to two weeks now, Bullgod [Bulldog] and Shatta Wale have been in a back-and-forth brawl which led the artiste to allege that his former manager has a hand in the untimely demise of Fennec Okyere.

Addressing the issue on United Showbiz, Bullgod, who has sued the self-acclaimed dancehall musician, told the sit-in host, Abeiku Santana, after he had stated clearly that he would not work with the artiste again, it took the intervention of Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly called NAM 1, to make them work together again.

He said, while he was working as the Artists and repertoire (A&R) manager at Zylofone Media, his then-boss, NAM 1, told him that Shatta Wale wanted to meet and apologise.

He disclosed, he had then forgiven the musician, whom he refers to as a brother, and stated categorically to NAM 1 that he didn’t have an issue with the artiste but he insisted on their meeting which he gave in to.

“I want to clear this myth. I was working with Zylofone with Stonebwoy, Becca, Joyce Blessing, Obibini and Kumi Guitar. We were doing our job when NAM 1 called me and said ‘we needed to meet’. So I asked him what the problem was, and he said your young brother [Shatta Wale] wants to meet you and apologise.

“I told him there is nothing there, there is no problem. Because when something happens today, by tomorrow I forget it…I was a little confused [about] where NAM 1 was heading with the chat…When he spoke about him, I realised that he wanted to sign Shatta Wale.

“So, I told him I was there any time he was ready I will be available and he said he will call me. I think for two days he called me and said I should come to his friend’s house…when I was about to move my car, I told my wife. Because when the incident happened it affected my wife the most,” Bullgod narrated on the show which was aired on November 12.

He continued: “The day he did his press conference, I was in the room with my wife for a week or two. We weren’t talking because he had called her to tell her that I was sleeping with another woman somewhere. So, my wife was really mad.

“The day he said whatever he had to say on Pluzz, that was the day my wife started talking to me because she noticed he wasn’t a good person. So my wife said, ‘go and speak, go and speak’ but I never spoke. I never spoke because the world goes in circles, you never know whom you will meet again. So I kept quiet.

“My wife went on the radio the next day, and…she spoke but I didn’t say a word…So when NAM 1 called me, I told my wife and she said it wasn’t a big deal and that we have forgotten about it a long time ago…I was in the meeting with Bola Ray, NAM 1 and one of his guys called Atsu…but I didn’t know Shatta will be part of the meeting because of our earlier conversation…when I got there, Shatta was sitting there and I sat…NAM 1 now told me, he would want to work with my man and before I knew it, Shatta was on his knees and holding onto my leg to apologise. I told him this was something in the past, so, he should not worry about it…”

Bullgod stressed, “NAM 1 had patched us up” adding “this is somebody I love. I still love Shatta till today. I have no issues with him. So, if NAM1 patched us together and we came together…”


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